About Us

The Scoundrels Motorcycle Club of Smithfield, VA was founded on July 14th, 2011, by a group of like-minded friends with a love affair for motorcycles, riding, and brotherhood. Anything else need not apply.

The concept behind the Scoundrels MC originated a couple years ago. The story's exact origin is lost in an drunken haze, however, the idea for the club was started over mexican food, and copious ammounts of alcohol. Many months later, and more beer, the club concept came to fruition, and became what it is now. Growing stronger by the day, the club is committed to the same ideals as the day we founded.

We welcome any like-minded men looking for a road-family of brothers willing to go that extra mile and live life on their terms.

Requirements for membership:
  • Own, operate, and maintain a running 750cc Cruiser or 600cc Sport bike.
  • Minimum 21yrs old at time of patching.
  • Not affiliated with any extremist groups, or law enforcement organizations (to include MP/MAs)

How do I join? If you have to ask, you're probably in the wrong place.

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